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Giant Moto Fizz camping kit bag

Huge pack straps to seat and carries all your gear

Nippy Normans big bag

We hate camping. There, we said it. But if living 'under the stars' like a caveman who's discovered ripstop nylon and gas canisters is your thing, then top stuff. We salute your indefatigability!

Now, camping on a bike is good in some ways - you're on a bike, obvs, and can get UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!! with mother nature. But on the other hand, carrying all your gear is a faff, unless you have a big tourer with loads of hard luggage. What to do if you’ve got a less-toury steed?

Well, strapping an enormous kit bag onto the pillion seat is one plan. Enter the Moto Fizz Camping Seat bag, which is a crazy name, but a very descriptive one. It's a huge 75 litre bag, with attached strapping infrastructure. There are pockets, rain covers, dual flap opening (!) either side, and all sorts of other goodly embellishments. 

Nippy Normans big bag

The Camping Seat Bag costs £159.99, and is available in the UK from Nippy Normans:

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