Draggin' Twista jeans review

Are these jeans the perfect compromise between protection and style?

Draggin' Twista jeans review

DECENT protective motorcycling equipment often comes at the cost of style and practicality.

I’m not saying a TT replica race suit doesn’t look incredibly cool on the track, but it’s not exactly ideal when you want to hop off the bike and do a spot of shopping.

Textiles can prove equally bulky, sweaty and downright awkward off the bike.

Kevlar jeans are the perfect compromise, providing protection in comfort, and most importantly, style.

Kelvar was actually invented all the way back in 1965, but it took a while for the innovative material to find its way to motorcycling. Thankfully, in 2017 there are tons of Kevlar jeans on the market.

I’ve gone for Draggin’s Twista jeans in black, a skinny, female specific pair that cost £209.99.

I like:

What I like about these jeans is their smart, unassuming nature. For all intensive purposes, they could be just a normal pair of skinny jeans – albeit with a comfortable breathable mesh sports liner. Of course there’s Kevlar there too – tons of it, in the seat, hip, thigh and upper leg areas, which is designed to withstand 7.46 seconds of slide time – that equates more than 75 metres (according to the experts).

I wouldn’t like to put this to the test, but combined with the removable knee armour and Draggin’s excellent reputation I’m satisfied that they’re competent enough for pootling around town and B-road riding. Understandably, I’d be wary to wear them for faster riding.

I don’t like:

Low-rise jeans are so 10 years ago. Nowadays everything is high-waisted and rightly so. High-waisted jeans are far more flattering, comfortable and warmer, as they keep away any breeze that would sneak up the back of your jacket.

I was advised to go a size up in these jeans, because of the thick liner. However, while I found the size 10 to generally fit quite well, they were too tight around the hips and gaped at the back of the waistband.

Despite their svelte appearance, they are quite heavy and thick and while I have worn them all day off the bike, I wouldn’t advise it.


These are a great pair of Kevlar jeans and they look pretty smart – in fact I’ve had a number of compliments every time I’ve worn them.

They’re well made, good quality and offer the highest level of protection you can find in Kevlar jeans.

However, £209.99 puts them at the very top end of the riding jeans price bracket and there are plenty of better value and almost as protective options out there.