Cardo intorduces new Packtalk Neo communication device

Cardo has introduced the Packtalk Neo, a replacement for the Packtalk Bold, aimed at the middle-ground between Freecom 4X and Packtalk Edge.

Cardo Packtalk Neo. - Cardo/Bomber League

Cardo has introduced the latest addition to its Packtalk range, the new Packtalk Neo.

The Neo comes in as a replacement for the Packtalk Bold, and therefore sits between Cardo’s established Freecom 4X and Packtalk Edge.

Cardo says the Packtalk Neo features “all the best-in-class technology and conveniences as the Packtalk Edge,” as well as a clip cradle. 

The new device also has a range of up to one mile, and comes with a two-year warranty, while redesigned speakers offer three new sound profiles.

In terms of price, the Packtalk Neo will retail for €369.95 (around £320) for a single, and €679.95 (around £585) for a duo. This compares to the recently increased prices for the Freecom 4X - £243 for a single and £452 for a duo - and Packtalk Edge - £356 for a single, £635 for a duo. 

Alon Lumbroso, Cardo Systems CEO, said: “With Packtalk Neo, we wanted to provide riders an option that featured our most technological and innovative features, but at a more accessible price, with the ultimate goal of bringing more riders into our Cardo community. 

“With a beautiful sleek and clean design, The Packtalk Neo is the perfect complement within our expansive range of communicators, delivering another option for riders to enjoy the open road without sacrificing the best-of-the-best technology.”

Cardo Packtalk Neo highlights:

  • New slim modern design with no external antenna
  • Second-generation Dynamic Mesh Communication with faster and easier pairing process and wide-band intercom
  • Most advanced Bluetooth 5.2 Technology with “Live Intercom” support and improved universal connectivity
  • Upgraded Natural Voice engine, enhanced JBL Sound, improved noise-cancelling microphone
  • Battery life of up to 13- hours, with fast charging via USB-C
  • Over-the-air software updates eliminates the need for cables or WiFi adapters
  • Clip cradle
  • 2-Year Warranty

Availability for the Packtalk Neo has not yet been confirmed by Cardo.

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