Caberg Drift Evo becomes latest addition to Italian brand's 2023 roster

The Caberg Drift Evo has been launched as the latest full-face motorcycle helmet in the Italian manufacturer's 2023 range.

Caberg Drift Evo

The Caberg Drift Evo has been launched by the Bergamo-based helmet manufacturer as the latest entry to its full-face motorcycle helmet line-up.

Two elements of the helmet have seemed to receive particular attention from Caberg on the Drift Evo.

Caberg Drift Evo - Visor

The first of these elements is the visor. Among the leading attributes of the Caberg Drift Evo is the double spring-loaded visor mechanism, which automatically adjusts the position of the visor and means that “manual adjustment of the visor is no longer necessary to avoid water or air infiltration between the visor and the edging,” a Caberg press release reads. 

On the left side of the visor, the mechanism can be locked, via a lever, at 5mm from the edge of the window port’s trim, which is preventative to condensation build-up on the inside of the visor and therefore beneficial to visibility.

The visor itself is a Pinlock Max Vision, which has anti-scratch properties, and is paired with a Double Visor Tech sun visor.

Caberg Drift Evo - Aerodynamics

The second of the two areas of the Drift Evo to have been focused on by Caberg is the aerodynamics, which can be split into two sections: general comfort, and ventilation.

On the side of general comfort, the Drift Evo features a rear spoiler, which is designed to manage airflow, reducing turbulence and noise.

On the ventilation side, a number of front intakes on the upper part of the shell are paired with polystyrene ducting in the helmet’s shell. To prevent the build-up of hot air within the helmet, there’s also a rear extractor.

As is the standard for Caberg by now, the Drift Evo is compatible with the Caberg Pro Speak Evo intercom system. 

The Caberg Drift Evo full-face helmet is available in two single-colour versions - ‘Glossy White’ and ‘Matt Black’ - at a price of €309.99 (£266.41 at time of writing, 27 June 2023); in the “Integra” graphic version, itself with two different colours and with a matte finish, at an RRP of €349.99 (£300.78 at time of writing). 

Additionally, the “MR55” (€359.99/£309.38 at time of writing) and “LB29" (€349.99/£300.78 at time of writing) versions offer a more race-focused look. The carbon shell versions - “Carbon Pro” and “Carbon Sonic” (€429.99/£369.53 at time of writing) - complete the Drift Evo 2023 roster.

Head to the Caberg website to view the Italian brand’s entire 2023 motorcycle helmet range, and to locate your nearest stockist.

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