New LS2 Motorcycle Helmet Intercom System Launches

The LS2 4X motorcycle helmet intercom system has been launched, having been developed in conjunction with intercom specialists Cardo Systems

LS2 4X

A new motorcycle helmet intercom system has been launched, with the new LS2 4X system now being available pre-installed in LS2 helmets.

Co-developed by LS2 Helmets and Cardo Systems, one of the major players in motorcycle helmet intercom systems, the new LS2 4X system was announced already last September.

The system features sound by JBL, live intercom for up to four riders within a 4km range, Natural Voice Operation, Bluetooth connectivity which includes automatic reconnection functionality, and is “fully weatherproof,” LS2 says. The battery has a life of 13 hours, and takes two hours to fully recharge, while 20 minutes of charging is said to provide two hours of battery life.

It can also connect both to the user’s smartphone and to GPS, meaning the wearer can make and receive calls, stream music and hear turn-by-turn directions simultaneously.

“All this is done without ever having to press a button,” LS2 says - the user should preface its voice commands with the phrase “Hey, Cardo,” which should be something familiar to anyone who has used the German company’s devices before.

The LS2 4X can be bought separately from a helmet for £239.99, and can be fitted to the following LS2 motorcycle helmet models: Advant, Advant X, Advant X Carbon, Infinity II and Vector II. Additionally, all of those bar the Infinity II - therefore the Advant, Advant X, Advant X Carbon, and Vector II - can be bought with the LS2 4X intercom system pre-installed.

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