Is this the answer to keeping warm on a bike?

The Exotogg is an inflatable vest that can be worn under your textile jacket or even your leathers


KEEPING warm on a bike is a key factor in keeping safe. The warmer our body is, the better it responds to signals from our brain and you’ll be able to maintain your concentration levels better.

Exotogg video demonstration

There are many ways to keep warm on a bike too, from bulky layers, thermal base layers or heated kit, the choices are vast, in performance and price. Some heated motorcycle clothing can also be complicated to set up and takes some time to hook up to the bike, before, during and after a ride.

There is a simpler method of keeping warm though, and Exotogg thinks they have just the product to showcase it. The theory is simple, inflating the vest fills it with a layer of insulating air that prevents your body from losing heat. The vest is claimed to be more efficient at preventing heat loss than a normal down-filled jacket.

The jacket is made from an antibacterial, flexible and puncture-resistant material, and can be packed down to the size of a hardback book when not in use. Once the vest is inflated, the wearer can regulate their body temperature by inflating or deflating the vest. The user does this by blowing into a oneway valve located on the chest of the Exotogg, a bit like a lifejacket. Once the jacket needs to be deflated you press the valve on the top of the jacket to release the inner pressure.

The Exotogg is available for £99 and is available direct from the website:

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