Zero tease new electric motorcycle model – the FXE

Zero has released a teaser image for its next all-electric motorcycle and it’s a sporty looking thing called the FXE

Zero electric motorcycle

ZERO has given us a sneak peek at its next bike via social media today, with the incoming FXE electric motorcycle getting fully unveiled later this month.

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The wraps will fully come of the new bike on 13 July, and as you’d expect, the image released on social media gives very little away. What we can see is that it looks to follow the lines of the existing supermoto-style FXS and enduro FX, although that’s not to say it’s related to either of  them!

For one thing, it seems to have had a broader sweep of the designer’s pen in this form. The bodywork looks much sleeker than both the FXS and FX, and the bug-eyed twin LED headlights have been replaced with a more chic, café racer style single headlight. And while the full length motocross seat screams ‘off-road’, oddly the tyres of the FXE look firmly rooted in road riding. It could of course be that Zero release a more off-road inspired version of the FXE further down the line.

The current supermoto-style Zero FXS electric motorcycle

The FXE has actually been a while coming, with Zero filing for the trademark in August last year. At that time is widely rumoured that the bike would be an assault on the motocross segment with an off-road specific machine. With KTM, Honda, and Husqvarna all dipping toes into the electric sector via the dirt bike back door, it seemed sensible at the time for Zero to do the same. While that doesn’t totally look to be the case with the FXE, it’s actually still to early to honestly say what it is likely to be!