Zero announces new SR/X concept motorcycle in collaboration with Huge Machine

Zero has collaborated with Huge Machine on its latest concept motorcycle, the Zero SR/X, which is based on the existing Zero SR/S.

Zero SR/X

Zero has announced a new concept motorcycle in partnership with Huge Machine, called the SR/X.

The Zero SR/X has been created by US electric motorcycle manufacturer, Zero, in collaboration with designer, Huge Machine, as part of Zero’s “Design the Future Development Program.”

It is not the first collaboration between Zero and Huge Machine, whose Bill Webb was involved in the design of the Zero FXE and the concept motorcycle which preceded it. “The SR-X is the latest example of his visionary concepts and Zero's commitment to innovation,” Zero says. 

The SR/X itself is a “reimagination,” according to Zero, of the Zero SR/S sports bike. Purely a concept bike at this stage, the Zero SR/X features a fairly distinctive design with a half-fairing itself sporting a race-inspired livery in light grey with a red strip around the front of the bike.

In addition to the red strip, at the front is where you can find a single, wide headlight, while at the rear the tail section almost seems to ‘float’ above the shock. 

The tyres are (irrelevant, really, as a concept) almost slick, but the bike also features a side stand.

There are not many specifications about the bike, which probably is to be expected from a concept machine, but in any case Zero says it is powered by their ZF75-10 electric motor and the ZF17.3 lithium-ion battery.

Bill Webb said: “SR-X concept bike strives to hit a design sweet spot for the near future of electric motorcycles, combining clean, lines and disciplined design-detailing with the aggressive stance and raw performance feel found in modern litre bikes.

"The SR-X clean lines and disciplined ‘product design’ styling approach has been combined with the aggressive proportions and raw functionality/exposed mechanicals found in more traditional race bikes. 

"This bike is an attempt to define a new sub-category for high performance electric, something between a streetfighter and a track bike - partial fairings and aero performance with the raw attitude of the street.

"We wanted true sport riders to appreciate the subtle and balanced design approach: modern, futuristic and clean without sacrificing the raw-performance look and overtly mechanical appeal of high-performance motorcycles. 

"The team wanted to create a dramatic and low ‘front-heavy’ silhouette with the bodywork that could juxtapose the fully exposed mechanicals towards the back of the bike in an unconventional way.  The SR/S chassis/mechanicals that zero designed are impressive to look at and we wanted the raw bike underneath to be part of the final composition."

Brian Wismann, VP of Product Development at Zero, said:  “When Bill first released his Mono-Racr design in digital form several years ago, I knew immediately that the design language based on clean, simple forms would be a perfect marriage for an electric motorcycle. I’m excited that we were able to realise Bill’s vision of our electric sport bike platform in the SR-X concept.”

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