Entry level 125cc scrambler motorcycle, Brixton Felsberg 125 XC

The Felsberg 125 XC is Brixton's attempt at an entry level scrambler motorcycle, and the third entry in the Felsberg range after the 125 and 250 editions.

Brixton Felsberg 125 XC

Brixton is a small manufacturer owned by the Austrian KSR Group, and its Felsberg 125 XC is the brand’s entry-level scrambler-style motorcycle.

The XC is based on the standard Felsberg 125, and therefore features a single-cylinder, air-cooled four-stroke 125cc engine producing 8.2kW (11 horsepower) and 9.7Nm and connected to a five-speed transmission. The 125cc unit can power the Felsberg 125 XC to a top speed of 99kph, or 61.5mph.

That engine sits within a relatively simple cradle frame with twin rear shock absorbers and telescopic front forks. The front wheel is 18 inches in diameter, the rear 17”, and attached to them are singular 276mm and 220mm brake discs, respectively.

The fuel tank can hold 11.5 litres of unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 95 or higher, and when it is brimmed the bike will weigh 134kg. Once started, it will drink those 11.5 (a 2.5-litre reduction compared to the standard bike) litres at a rate of 2.5 litres per 100km, meaning a maximum range of 460km.

Like the standard Felsberg 125, the XC takes a kind of neo-retro approach to aesthetics, but compared to the standard bike the XC picks up the front mudguard and adds under-engine protection to enhance its off-road capabilities. 

It also comes with dual-sport tyres, but also a chromed silver (official name, “Quick Silver”) paint job, which doesn’t seem to be so well suited to dirt tracks (no other colour options are available).

The price for the Brixton Felsberg 125 XC is €3,299. Find out more on the Brixton website.

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