Zaiser Motors introduce the Electrocycle - with 300 mile range!

Twin-hub motors, 300 mph range, 120 mph top speed… is the Zaiser Motors Electrocycle the electric cruiser you’ve been waiting for?

Zaiser Electrocycle electric motorcycle

ZAISER Motors has just introduced the motorcycling world to its Electrocycle, the big electric cruiser with twin-hub motors (yes, that means it’s a 2WD motorcycle) that can rocket it up to a top speed of 120mph, achieving a 0-60 mph time in just 3.6 seconds. 

The Colorado-based startup has spent two years designing the Electrocycle, and are not holding back when it comes to features, echoed in the headline statement on their site which reads “the EV age is an opportunity for the world to re-think what a motorcycle should be.”

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Some of those key features include: 

  • Auto stabilisation, which notes that in traffic or at speed the auto-stabilisation system will ‘have your back’, 
  • Modular design, to keep the Electrocycle up to speed with the rapidly evolving electric world.
  • Cutting edge safety features, including proximity sensors, wearable interconnectivity, roadside assistance system.
  • Sustainability focused, the entire bike will be built to be entirely recyclable.
  • 300-mile range, with rechargeable & interchangeable batteries, with regenerative braking.

A touch more on the battery tech, as that’s always a hot-topic for electric machines. Housing a 17.3KWH battery good for around 300 miles, that’s also fast-charging compatible and interchangeable, Zaiser believe that range anxiety is a thing of the past - but they don’t note how quick the fast-charge is. 

Zaiser hopes that their vision of electric power (which wouldn’t look out of place in Gotham City) will be a hit with the ‘young urbanites’ seeking a clean escape from the city, with enough range to take them on an adventure and get them back home safely and stylishly. 

Zaiser Motos Electrocycle - a Gotham villains dream motorcycle?

The twin-hub motor will counteract what is likely to be a heavy-set approach on the batteries, giving it the acceleration and top speed figures of 120mph and 3.6 secs to 60mph. No doubt the battery cells will be the biggest weights in the machine.

On their site, it’s also possible to invest in the company to receive future equity and ‘investor perks’ - with a minimum of $100, investor perks increase at $500, $1k and $10k, their goal is set at $500,000. 

Launch is set for late 2021 or early 2022, and the long electric cruiser is set to be priced at ‘an accessible price point’ that ‘will dominate the market’. Can’t fault their ambition!

In any case, the dash looks pretty cool and I'm intrigued about what the wearable interconnectivity is all about. Keep it Visordown for all of the latest news!