MV Agusta F4 tipped for imminent comeback - but is it all-new or a resurrection?

Sources hint at the MV Agusta F4 making a return this week... but will it be an all-new superbike or the resurrection of the discontinued second gen?

MV Agusta F4

MV Agusta has teased what could be confirmation of a return to its range of the F4 sportsbike, some three years after it was taken off sale.

However, it remains to be seen whether the teased date of June 3 will mark unveiling of an all-new model or whether it could be a return of the second generation version, albeit with tweaked Euro5 mechanicals to give it a fresh lease of life.

A number of sources have pointed to social media posts from MV Agusta about a new documentary it has commissioned named ‘You See A BIke’, which will receive its premiere on June 3.

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The film focuses on a number of key figures within the MV Agusta fold, including Horacio Pagani,  founder of Pagani Automobil and designer of the iconic eponymous hypercar that for a time stood as the fastest production car in the world.  

Pagani has been charged with the task of designing the all-new MV Agusta F4, the Italian marque’s flagship sportsbike. It sees him following in the hallowed footsteps of celebrated designer Massimo Tamburini, who penned the original F4 in 1996, creating a silhouette that hadn’t changed much right up until the most recent second generation version was discontinued in 2018.

Since then though, MV Agusta has come under new ownership and it is known there is a strong desire to resurrect the F4 to ensure the company has a rival to counterparts Ducati and Aprilia.

The release of the film is expected to provide some clues as to what the next generation F4 will look like, though this could just as easily morph into being a full unveiling… or nothing at all. We will wait and see.

That said, a number of publications are settling on June 3 being the day the F4 does still make a comeback, albeit in its erstwhile second generation guise. This would mean an unchanged design that while dated in calendar terms, has certainly stood the test of time well.

It was discontinued in 2018 ahead of looming tight Euro5 regulations, but there is talk MV Agusta - which has been busy updating its entire range recently - has now tweaked the 210hp engine to meet emissions standards. 

If this was to be the case, it’s likely to include new tech features - such as a new Bluetooth-enabled TFT dashboard - but otherwise be largely unchanged.

As for why MV Agusta would consider resurrecting a model it removed from sale three years earlier…  fondness for the brand is growing again on the back of fresh investment that has bolstered production volumes and quality control, not to mention drum up some publicity and provide a bridge for when the Pagani-penned third generation F4 makes its bow. 

We will wait for June 3 [Thursday] with curiosity piqued...