Yamaha XSR900 custom

Auto Fabrica have turned the standard Yamaha XSR900 into this custom café racer work of art called the Type 11


As the basis for a custom bike project, Yamaha XSR900 isn’t a bad starting point. It has a silky smooth and powerful 900cc, 113hp engine, a decent chassis and ergonomics that make it accessible yet exciting out on the open road.

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But it doesn’t quite tick all the boxes when it comes to a sleek, café racer aesthetic. Luckily enough for this bike, the team at Auto Fabrica looked beyond the slightly awkward styling of the original when they were looking for a donor bike for a project.

The bike was created by Auto Fabrica in London and is a culmination of work that included building three working prototypes before settling on the machine you see here. The bike has been completely stripped back and rebuilt, with a stylised fuel tank that swoops above and below handlebars being the most striking feature.

Speaking about the project on their website, they said:

The Type 11 is a project that explores the boundaries of craftsmanship and conceptual design. Auto Fabrica has become renowned for their style and coach building; in this project we see their design and production capabilities applied to the next level as they set out to build their most progressive and captivating motorcycles to date.

“Three prototypes were created to inform and inspire the process and aid in the project’s evolution. It all began with a state of the art Yamaha 900cc Triple at its foundation, of which the first two of the prototypes are based. The third prototype, based on a classic Yamaha 750cc Triple and being more traditionally designed and built, evolved to inform the first two contemporary builds.”

The bike is going to be built in very limited numbers and to the customer's individual specifications. With that, comes expense! And that’s one thing the team don’t mention on their website.

For more information or to as, “how much mista?!” – head to: www.autofabrica.com