Yamaha MT-25 revealed in full

The bike that looks set to become the new 321cc MT-03 for Europe

HERE’S the first clear look at what is almost certainly Yamaha’s new MT-25, the naked sibling of the fully-faired R25 and R3.

The shot from an Indonesian website clearly shows a machine sharing many components with the YZF-R25 and YZF-R3 but with fairing stripped away and straight bars instead of clip-ons.

The Asian-market R25 got a capacity hike to become the 321cc parallel-twin R3 for Europe. This machine is likely to get the same, and be sold here as the MT-03, or perhaps the MT-300 or even MT-321.

Only yesterday we revealed new spy shots of the MT-25 from Indonesian websites and this morning one of those sites Tweeted us with these much clearer pictures. Thanks, Tmcblog.com.

We’ll be honest, we’re not 100% sure what our Indonesian colleagues said in their message, other than it began with ‘Bro’ and said the bike pictured was the MT25. It also said it shared its chassis, suspension, exhaust, seat, front mudguard and engine with the R25. But we can see that.

The fact it says ‘MT-25’ on the side is another clue to its identity.

Expect the model to be launched later this year.  

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