Yamaha MT-15 set to come to the UK

The Yamaha MT-15 is preparing to be launched on UK and European shores as the latest addition to Yamaha's popular MT naked range

Yamaha MT-15 Launch

Yamaha looks set to give its UK and European ranges a welcome boost with the addition of its Yamaha MT-15 as the latest naked machine in the popular MT range.

Revealed as a silhouette in a typically sinister looking social media post announcing a ‘bike so new we can’t say what it is’, the tell-tale triple headlight configuration and the tagline ‘A New Level of Darkness’ puts this machine into line with its MT bretherin.

With no ‘new’ MT model on the horizon, the MT-15 – which has been on sale in Asian markets for a year now – is the logical ‘guess’.

The Yamaha MT-15 is set for a reveal at Motorcycle Live on October 16.

Where does the Yamaha MT-15 slot into the Yamaha range?

The Yamaha MT-15 would fit the gap between the current MT-125 and the MT-03 ranges but does so with a more up to date look and platform. It’s possible though the MT-15 will completely replace the MT-125. 

Indeed, despite its entry-level status, the Yamaha MT-15 does nonetheless earn the family traits of the flagship models in the MT range with the more aggressive, sportier front-end stance shared with the top of the range MT-10 and MT-09.

Technical specifications for the European market will be revealed at the time but the Indian-spec model generates 19HP and 11Ib of torque, giving it a notable edge over the MT-125.

Either way, it’s a handsome beast and an attractive new addition to the small displacement side of the motorcycle market.