Yamaha have launched their all-new Augur scooter in Asia

Yamaha have unveiled a new scooter in the form of its new Augur, which shares some similarities with the Yamaha Aerox 155.

Yamaha Augur (blue). - Yamaha Taiwan

The Yamaha Augur is the “smart flagship” in a completely new project for Yamaha which aims to bring riders a new riding experience and comes in with a completely new radical sci-fi design.

The Yamaha Augur has a very distinct front fairing with the body panels all meeting at the front with the LED projector headlight at the heart of the front display. The design of the Augur has focussed on simple tense curved surfaces and precise details on the body work.

The Augur scooter features a 155cc engine, which produces 14.8 horsepower. The Yamaha Augur produces a maximum of 13.9Nm of torque. The Augur also has a 6.1 litre fuel tank, which is slightly larger than its relative sibling, the Yamaha Aerox. The total weight of the Yamaha Augur comes in at 132kg, and is therefore heavier than the Aerox.

The brakes of the Augur are improved on from the brakes of the Aerox. The Yamaha Augur has a 267mm front disc which features a twin-piston caliper and a 230mm rear disc. The suspension on the Augur features telescopic forks in the front and twin shock absorbers in the rear of the scooter. 

As far as electronics and rider assists, the Augur is fully fitted with traction control, cornering assists and a fully adaptive colour headlight.

The price of the Yamaha Augur has been kept under wraps so far. Yamaha has launched the Augur in Taiwan and has been marketed their so far. It seems to be unknown if this cool looking machine will make it to Europe.

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