Honda launches new CL300 neo-retro bike in China, will it come to Europe?

Honda has launched the CL300 in China, as the brand expands its 300 platform from the CMX 300 Rebel to add to the CL range which already has the CL500.

Honda CL300. - Wuyang Honda

Honda have unveiled a new sibling machine for the Honda CL500. The CL300 has been launched and some details about the machine are finally being released.

Honda first displayed the CL300 over in China back in November and now further details about their new bike have been revealed. Honda have also shown off two different versions of the CL300 with different styles. The first style is the straightforward and simple twin shock roadster, this version appears to be like the CL500 with its small round headlight and flat seat. 

However, the second version of the CL300 starts to take a more distinct look to it. The second CL300 features a more off-road look to it with its plastic nose cowl and oval number plate. 

The CL300 will likely get the same treatment as the CL500 as well and get parts offered as options to allow it to become a more scrambler-looking machine.

The CL300 features a 286cc engine which makes 26 horsepower which allows for the top speed of approximately 125km/h (78mph). The engine has been designed to aim at maximising the midrange torque of the CL300. The CL300 is apparently an easy to handle novice level bike, with a 58.6 inch wheelbase to help prioritise the stability of the motorcycle.

However, the CL300 has only been approved for sale and marketed in China so far. Honda have also trademarked the CL300 name in other countries in the East like Thailand, Australia and New Zealand so it may make its way round the Eastern markets in the near future. There is no indication as of now whether the CL300 will make its way over into Western markets, but with the Rebel 300 - which shares a platform with the CL300 - being sold in the West it could be expected that the CL300 to make its way over in the future. 

Images courtesy of Wuyang Honda.

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