Yamaha to build Honda DN-01 beater!

Japanese big guns go head-to-head for futuristic superscooter market

Design drawings of Yamaha's DN-01 beater

Honda's DN-01 - the bike Yamaha are aiming to beat

YAMAHA ARE already underway building a big-bore futuristic superscooter to rival Honda's DN01 - that's the strong rumour circulating the European motorcycle press this morning.

Three of Yamaha's top design engineers, Kaoru Sasaki, Satoshi Yoshida and Satoshi Hasrizuka, have already patented the new design, seen here in the drawing above. Sources say the patents for the new machine were registered earlier this month.

Sources also say the new machine will be armed with ABS, a super-efficient triple-cylinder motor and a hydraulic-driven powertrain, as seen already on Honda's DN-01.

Image courtesy of Solomoto.es