Yadea unveil the Keeness VFD naked electric motorcycle

Yadea have shown off their first naked electric motorcycle, the Keeness VFD. This bike has been designed with speed as the main goal.

Yadea Keeness VFD. - Yadea

The Chinese manufacturer Yadea have produced a new electric motorcycle which is meant to emulate the same performance as a regular 125cc motorbike.

The Keeness VFD produces a max speed of 100km/h (62mph) and creates a max torque of 280N.m. It is claimed that the VFD can go from 0-50km/h (31mph) in a reported 4 seconds.

Yadea’s newest electric motorcycle has been fitted with dual 72V32Ah lithium batteries. These batteries have apparent ultra-high energy density and are also removable, so it is easier to recharge the batteries. These dual 72V32Ah lithium batteries are 20% lighter than regular batteries so allow for a lighter motorcycle

The batteries also allow for the rider to reach a range of 140km (86.9 miles) if travelling at 45km/h (27.9mph). The batteries also have an intelligent battery management system (BMS), which allows for protection over the battery which improves its lifetime, meaning it will not drain its overall battery life as fast.

Yadea have gone for a high-quality suspension setup for their Keeness VFD that is typically used on high performance motorbikes. The forks are inverted, this is designed to help provide and stiffness and precision when handling the motorbike. The mounted shock absorbers allow for excellent balance of comfort and handling.

The price for the Yadea Keeness VFD has not yet been revealed and is expected to be launched in 2023. If you are looking at buying one of these as a new addition in the UK, you will have to wait. The Keeness VFD is not currently available for UK buyers. However, Yadea do have a dealership network in the UK and sell scooters, so the Keeness VFD could yet come to the UK.

Images courtesy of Yadea.

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