Is this the worst looking motorcycle ever made? Electric Ox One

Spanish electric motorcycle startup OX Motorcycles has revealed their box o-, sorry, Ox One concept cafe racer. Sharp lines and flat edges galore!

Ox Motorcycles Ox One electric motorcycle

NOW I’m all for a unique looking motorcycle, but this… is it a step too far? OX Motorcycles has shown their Ox One electric motorcycle concept, a cafe racer with sharp lines, flat edges and box style.

Maybe it’s made out of marble, and the designer just hasn’t finished chiselling it off yet?

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Well, in fact, that’s quite close to the truth apparently. According to a report in RideApart, Adrián González, CEO of OX Motorcycles, has said there is still a lot of work to do, finishing touches to make, and finalise the outline of the tank and the lines. 

Perhaps it’s a video game, and the 3D model just hasn’t finished loading yet? (Or it’s Goldeneye on the N64!). Well, the internals have certainly loaded up, with two removable 72V 30AH batteries that can be fast-charged from a household outlet in two hours - impressive - this electric motorcycle can get about 60 miles / 100 kilometres on a single charge. 

Ox One from Ox Motorcycles - box bike with electric power

Powering the ride is an 8kW brushless electric motor providing around 11 bhp, with a max speed of around 68 mph (110 kph) and can be purchased for around €5,200, which is about £4,520.

A last note, having a slab of metal with a sharp edge (the tank) at the front of the seat looks like a seriously painful accident waiting to happen. I hope the brakes aren’t too strong - they look about 100mm in diameter so perhaps not. 

Still, it’s a prototype version due for a full debut in September, and there’s still hope as the online rendering on the Ox Motorcycles site looks a bit nicer!