Is this what a Bentley motorcycle would look like?

According to one French automotive designing, the Voltage Racer is what a bike from Bentley would look like

What is it with car makers wanting to dip a toe into the world of motorcycles? Look, we all know that bikes are cooler than cars; faster, better looking, more fun… do we need to go on?

And it seems that it’s for these reasons that car manufacturers time and time again, talk of think about turning their hands to the world of the powered two-wheeler.

Take Lotus with its C-01, the KTM powered hyper-bike that never really got going. And more recently the tie-up between Brough Superior and Aston Martin with the form’s AMB 001. A turbo-charged machine with the aerodynamic profile of a slug.

Bentley Voltage Racer Motorcycle

And now a French automotive designer has taken the charge and designed a bike for Bentley to build, without them even asking him to!

The Machine is called the Voltage Racer, so no prizes for guessing the method of propulsion then. Yep, you guessed it, the neo-retro naked is electrically powered. Brilliant…

British Racing Green paint aside, which does look cool mind you, the two-wheeled flying B does have some cool features. The rim-mounted disc brakes look great and the front swing-arm that meets the front wheel at its bottom could double as a pick-up for a front-wheel propulsion system, meaning the Bentley could be two-wheel drive.

Crowning the front end of the bike are the totally on-brand twin headlights and that large Bentley Blower style front grill.

While the design is just that, a sketch from the mind of an excited designers with COVID-induced boredom to deal with, Bentley taking the plunge and collaborating with a motorcycle manufacturer might not be as strange an idea as it seems.

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