Watch: Kawasaki Z900RS teaser video

1970s Z1-aping ‘Z900RS’ to be unveiled at Tokyo Motorshow on October 25th

IT might just be a glimpse but this is our first look at Kawasaki's imminent new retro model, the 1970s Z1-aping Z900RS. 

Don't get too excited too quickly. The bike shown clearly at two seconds in is in fact a 1970s 900cc Z1, immediately given away by its air-cooled engine, single front disc and, well, the fact that it's a Z1. 

It's later that we get a view of the the new bike, albeit mostly obscured by a roadside barrier, followed by a close-up look at the headlight. 

But perhaps more interesting than the images is the confirmation by Kawasaki that the long-rumoured new model is a reality, and set to be properly unveiled at the Tokyo Motorshow on October 25th.

It's thought to be based on the Z900 but with Z1-aping styling, including fake engine fins for an air-cooled look.

The video was posted on Kawasaki Motors' YouTube channel this morning with the message: 'Kawasaki set to unveil evocative modern classic with “True Spirit” at Tokyo Motorshow on October 25th.'

Until now Kawasaki’s only offering for retro fans has been the genuinely traditional and recently-discontinued W800.

Given the market trend, it’s easy to see that a Z1-aping Z900RS could be a success, particularly if it’s priced somewhere near the stock Z900’s £8,249.