Updates to the Yamaha TMAX and TMAX Tech MAX sport scooters announced for 2022

The best-selling sports scooter for two decades has been updated for 2022 - Yamaha TMAX & Tech Max has a fresh sporty look.

New Yamaha Tech MAX 2022 revealed

Since its launch in 2001, the Yamaha TMAX and TMAX Tech MAX has been immensely successful in Europe, sitting at the top as the best-selling sports scooter for two decades. Now, in 2022, the scooter range has been revamped with sportier style, a compact new body, and updated wheels and suspension - plus a sharp yellow colourway (but only for the Europeans, unfortunately).

With the Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX due to hit UK shores in 2022, let's take a look at what's new. At the core of the updates for 2022 is an increased inclination for sports style, with Yamaha noting in the press kit the ‘radical new Supersport-inspired design’ with new compact body & aluminium chassis, a sportier riding position achieved by adjusting all points of the ‘rider triangle’ promoting a slightly forward-leaning position.

Comfort has been thought of too, mind, there’s a new adjustable screen with central air vent intake to reduce wind pressure on the rider, the screen itself contributing to the improved acoustics on board.

Yamaha TMAX and Tech MAX 2022 updates

As mentioned, the UK will get the TMAX Tech MAX in Dark Petrol and Power Grey schemes. Whilst in the EU, the standard model TMAX will be painted in the striking ‘Extreme Yellow’ colour, paying tribute to the original model (or Icon Blue and Sword Grey).

With a new windscreen, reshaped front end, slimmer waist and slimmer dual LED headlights, the TMAX has been privy to a few nips and tucks to give the style a new lease of life. ‘New year, new me’ sorta thing.

That sporty look is reinforced with new lighter Spin Forged 10-spoke wheels, reducing unsprung weight for more suspension action and a sportier feel - 10% reduction of inertia at the front, 6% at the rear. New model-specific Bridgestone Battlax SC2 hoops are stuck on too, developed in conjunction with the suspension and wheels.

Suspension settings are updated for 2022, with the high-spec 41mm USD forks and single-shock rear tweaked for greater front end feel and enhanced agility, achieved by increasing the damping force to firm up the travel.

It’s the same parallel-twin powering the show, 560cc and 47 bhp with 55.7 Nm or 41.1 ft-lb of torque. No updates on this front, but at 218 kg the TMAX is the lightest in class, and with a revised sporty setup, you’ll be whizzing about town in record time - all fully legally, we hope.

Rounding up the tech updates is the all-new 7-inch full-colour TFT dash with full smartphone connectivity & Garmin maps connectivity via Bluetooth/Wifi/USB, all controlled with a joystick control setup on the left handlebar. Yamaha would also want you to know there’s MyRide connectivity here also.

Plus there’s a waterproof home for your smartphone companion to live happily onboard, like R2D2 (speaking of, check out the Star Wars collaboration for Brazil).

No price confirmation yet, but pin the tail on the £12k donkey, and you probably won’t be far off.

Here's the Extreme Yellow colourway, too.

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