Updated Vespa Gtv brings more power to a Vespa than ever before

The 2023 Vespa Gtv boasts the highest performance of any Vespa scooter in the Italian manufacturer's history, with almost 24 horsepower.

​ 2023 Vespa Gtv​
​ 2023 Vespa Gtv​

The latest edition of the Vespa Gtv has been launched by the legendary Italian brand, complete with the highest-performance motor to be used in a Vespa scooter.

First launched in 2006, the Vespa Gtv is, relatively rapidly, approaching its 20th birthday by now, and its evolution continues in what is its 18th year.

Making use of Piaggio’s single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, and electronically injected 300 HPE engine (‘HPE’ standing for ‘High Performance Engine), the 2023 Vespa Gtv has 23.8hp at its disposal, the most to ever be put through the rear wheel of a (standard) Vespa.

2023 Vespa Gtv
2023 Vespa Gtv

Other updates have also been made in line with those made to the latest version of the Gts. These include LED light clusters, digital instrumentation, Vespa MIA connectivity (as an option).

Further, the top fairing is new, and aims for a ‘sportier’ look (“a clear racing inspiration,” Vespa says in a press release), while an orange version of the top fairing is also available as an option.

The wheels are also new - five-spoke - and the ‘necktie’ at the middle of the leg shield has three lateral slots, adding to the aforementioned ‘sportier’ aesthetic.

The two-tone single seat is able to be equipped with a cover at the rear inspired by the fairings of Vespa competition bikes.

There is no ignition key for the Gtv, instead a switch behind the leg board which is pushed, and turned to the ‘on’ position in order to start it, while electronic aids include traction control and ABS.

The 2023 Vespa Gtv is available in two colours - “Beige Avvolgente Opaco” and “Nero Convinto” - and is priced at £6,750. Visit the Vespa website to find out more, and to locate your nearest dealer.

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