Upcoming 2022 Yamaha MT-10 has price in USA, how much will it be in the UK?

One of the most exciting motorcycles due for release this year is the new 2022 Yamaha MT-10, and it has been priced up Stateside - what about the UK?

Yamaha MT-10 price 2022 at EICMA

Yamaha has been working away on updates for the MT ‘Dark Side of Japan’ range over the last year, and the last (but by no means the least) model due for a refresh is the flagship MT-10 range in 2022. 

Revealed back in early November, just in time for its maiden public outing at EICMA 2021, the hyper naked streetfighter certainly turned heads with the cracking CP4 998cc and iconic dual-headlight arrangement. It's still a marmite look, and the colours are certainly flamboyant. 

Now whilst we’re still awaiting a price & final release date in the UK, the US market has already been privy to the 2022 price: $13,999 (as per Asphalt & Rubber), which is around £10,302 as of today’s conversion rate. 

Do we know the Yamaha MT-10 2022 price for the UK?

This US price is around $1000 up on the existing flagship model, but the Japanese marque has certainly packed some power in this naked’s punch for its 2022 overhaul - and you can find out the full spec in our release article

Now, the UK price is yet to be confirmed or seen anywhere officially, but given the current pricing trends from Yamaha, we’d guess that it’ll be around that £10-11k range for the standard model - factoring in import costs and a potential marked-up UK tag. 

For those interested in the top-spec MT-10 SP, with its semi-active electronic Öhlins suspension and added exclusivity, the American market are told to expect a $16,899 price - or £12,437 on an exact conversion. 

Again, these UK prices aren’t set in stone so could well be more (or less) - but it gives you a good idea of what to expect. 

We’ll look forward to the press launch that’ll be coming up to let you know how the latest rendition shapes up, and you can expect to find the 2022 MT-10 range in dealers for Spring. No doubt we'll be getting more info in the coming weeks if a February release is still on the cards, so stay tuned.

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