Unlimited Motorcycles announce XP Zero

The XP Zero is a custom-built electric motorcycle based on the Zero SR/F and was created by the Anglo-American builder Unlimited Motorcycles

Unlimited Motorcycles announce Zero XP

WITH the growth the electric motorcycle segment has seen in the last few years, it’s no surprise that custom bike builders, more used to internal combustion power, are now turning to battery power.

Electric bikes have never been as reliable, powerful, and desirable as they are today. And that increase in Kudos and real-world performance is driving forward a new breed of custom electric motorcycles.

The Unlimited Motorcycles XP Zero is just one such example of the new trend of cool custom bikes, that a few short years ago would most likely have been powered by a conventional petrol engine.

The new machine seen here is based around Zero Motorcycles' successful and capable SR/F electric naked motorcycle platform. Although to look at it, you’d be hard pushed to tell this wasn’t a 100% custom-built machine from the batteries up!

The batteries, charging system, and motor are all lifted from the SR/F, meaning bike produces 82kW (110bhp) and 140ft-lb of torque. Top speed is around 120mph and the range and recharge times are as per the SR/F – so around one hour on a fast charger and a claimed 200 miles of city range.

Joining the SR/F-derived electronics are suspension, brakes, and swingarm from Zero’s latest naked, although the latter is shrouded and cleaner looking than that of the production bikes.

For now there is no official pricing for the XP Zero although the builder will take commissions. Interested parties should head to their website: .untitledmotorcycles.com

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