Ultralight carbon fibre Novus announced

The Novus boasts a total weight of 75kg, 75mph top speed, 60 miles range, and costs £55k!

Novus electric motorcycles

NEW electric motorcycles are coming thick and fast in 2020, although the Novus you can see here is a totally different proposition to anything else.

We first reported on the project back in January this year, when the bike’s creators first rolled the machine across the show block at the CES technology show in the states. Back then the machine was a fairly spindly looking thing, with wheels that could have come from Halfords and a hub-mounted motor that screamed ‘made in a garage’. The bike wasn’t all bad though, the carbon fibre frame very nice, and the suspension set up was equally impressive.

Harley-Davidson Livewire Press Ride | First Impression | Visordown.com

What wasn’t impressive was the price of the bike £39,000! Thankfully, Novus has adjusted the price of the full production version. Sadly, it is now more expensive, £50,000.

For that though, the Novus has been smartened up considerably, the hub-mounted motor is now a funky looking unit that blends seamlessly into the newly built carbon fibre rims. The moto provides the bike with 25bhp and 200Nm of torque, enough for a 75mph top speed and hopefully some stellar acceleration.

The front suspension of the bike is an innovative mono-fork design, offering 90mm of travel and maintaining the bike’s slim, lightweight profile.

The Novus comes with three riding modes, Base, Super, and God… Base mode provides the rider with 40% of the machine’s output. Super gives 70% of the total available while ‘God’ provides unlimited amounts of power and torque. The riding modes are all adjusted through the neat looking dash, or by using a Bluetooth enabled smartphone.

For more information on the Novus, head to: novusbike.com