Teaser video confirms new Triumph Tiger range on the way

'Transformed' Tiger range set to debut on November 7th

TRIUMPH has just confirmed a new Tiger range is on the way with this teaser video. 

Among fleeting glimpses of bikes, it tells us the range has been 'Transformed', with a 'New Tiger Triple Engine' and 'New Tiger Technology'.

Bikes are shown on and off-road, likely suggesting alternative variants with a bias towards each setting, in line with the existing Tiger range.  

At one point we see what looks like a 21-inch wired-spoked front wheel, as found on the Tiger 800 XCX, the more off-road focused variant of the current 800 range.

We're also given a debut date: November 7th, the first day of Eicma in Milan, Italy. 

Fortunately, Visordown knows a bit more than the video reveals.

We know both 800 and 1200 Tigers are getting a matching facelift, including new headlights, TFT instruments and probable chassis tweaks.

Power is likely to be unchanged, at 139hp for the 1200 and 95hp for the 800.

The 800 and 1200 are also being rationalised, with the name ‘Explorer’ dropped from the bigger model and both available in a range of guises bearing matching designations. They are: XR, XRX and XRT for road-biased editions of varying spec; and XCX and XCA for the more off-road capable iterations.

Visordown has seen a document which lists the full 2018 Triumph Tiger range as follows:

Tiger XR – 800cc – 95PS

Tiger XRX – 800cc – 95PS

Tiger XCX – 800cc – 95PS

Tiger XRT – 800cc – 95PS

Tiger XCA – 800cc – 95PS

Tiger XRX (LRH) – 800cc – 95PS

Tiger XCX (LRH) – 800cc – 95PS

Tiger 1200 XR – 1215cc – 139PS

Tiger 1200 XRX – 1215cc – 139PS

Tiger 1200 XCX – 1215cc – 139PS

Tiger 1200 XRT – 1215cc – 139PS

Tiger 1200 XCA – 1215cc – 139PS

Tiger 1200 XRX (LRH) – 1215cc – 139PS