The Ryvid Anthem is an American electric bike aiming to push accessibility

The Ryvid Anthem offers almost unrivalled accessibility and ergonomic adjustability, but its lightweight battery comes at the cost of range.

Ryvid Anthem
Ryvid Anthem

Ryvid has unveiled its Anthem electric motorcycle, aiming to combine riding enjoyment with convenience and ergonomics. 

Ryvid is an American company based out of Irvine, California, and their Anthem motorcycle is, according to their website, “a completely fresh take on two-wheeled EV mobility.”

Ryvid Anthem naked frame.
Ryvid Anthem naked frame.

The bike features Ryvid’s own proprietary technology, which includes a stainless steel chassis, adjustable ride height (Ergo-Easy), and a removable battery pack. 

It is not uncommon in 2022 to see motorcycles with adjustable components to aid ergonomics for different people in an attempt to increase accessibility. Preload, for example, is often adjustable at the rear shock. But, in the Ryvid Anthem, we find an adjustable seat height, meaning for people of a range of vertical dimensions, the bike should be comfortable. 

This is what Ryvid calls “Ergo-Easy,” and it allows the seat of the Anthem to be adjusted between 30 inches (762mm) and 34 inches (863.6mm).

Ryvid Anthem adjustable seat height graphic
Ryvid Anthem adjustable seat height graphic

This is not something which is totally new to motorcycling. There are aftermarket parts - linkages, for example - that allow you to change the height of your bike if you want it a little taller or shorter, for example. But, the Anthem will have this ability right out of the factory.

The Anthem’s adjustability also extends to the final drive and suspension. 

The final drive is changeable so that the bike’s performance is maximised both while darting from traffic lights to traffic lights in the city, and while cruising on more open roads.

Meanwhile, the front suspension has adjustable damping, as does the rear shock.

Ryvid Anthem with battery removed.
Ryvid Anthem with battery removed.

However, you won’t be cruising for very long. The Anthem has a battery capacity of only 4.3kWh, which means that on “Eco Mode” you won’t get further than 75 miles, and on “Sport Mode” - which cancels the regenerative braking on the bike - you’ll be out of charge in 50 miles.

The Anthem’s motor produces a peak torque of 72Nm, which will mean that the 75mph top speed will be reached fairly quickly, especially with a lightweight design meaning that - even with the battery - the Anthem weighs only 109kg.

Ryvid will be selling the Anthem for $7,800, and if you live in the US and order yours now, you can have $500 knocked off the shipping cost, with deliveries expected for summer 2023.

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