Is this Royal Enfield's new 750cc twin?

Twin-cylinder 'Continental GT' spotted in India

Is this Royal Enfield's new 750cc twin?

HERE'S a video that was posted on YouTube yesterday pupporting to show what could be Royal Enfield's long-awaited new twin-cylinder Cotinental GT out testing in India. 

While it would be easy to dismiss it as potentially any bike from the angle shown, it does look similar from the back to the 535cc singe-cylinder Continental GT, aside from the two exhausts indicating as many pots, and we do know Royal Enfieid is developing a twin, rumoured to be 750cc. 

The bike captured on video appears to have a similar café-racer style single seat and tail unit to the existing Continental GT (pictured below), as well as similar twin rear shocks with Öhlins-esque piggy-back reservoirs.

The twin clocks and top yoke, visible between the rider's right arm and body, also look like they could be the same as the GT's, as do the rear mudguard, tail light and indicators. 

In fact with all these details considered together it seems unlikely to be coincidence. It does look like a Royal Enfield at least. So why does it have two exhausts?

It's just a shame we don't get a better look. What do you think?

The exisiting Continental GT from a similar angle