Revealed: 2015 Yamaha WR250F

Revised enduro has more midrange and top end power

YAMAHA has just revealed the 2015 WR250F, which goes on sale from February next year.

According to the Japanese firm, it's the first enduro machine to feature 'the famous Yamaha "rearward-inclined cylinder with reverse cylinder head" engine'.

Compared to the former WR250F engine, Yamaha says the 2015 design has more midrange and is considerably more powerful at higher rpm.

The bike is fitted with a new six-speed transmission and clutch with new friction plates, springs and other internal components.

Air filter changes are now easier thanks to quick-release fasteners on the top-mounted air box. There's also a new crankcase cover and a revised decompressor design.


WR250F Technical Highlights Engine

  • ?  Based on the winning 2014-model YZ250F

  • ?  Fuel injected, rearward slanting engine

  • ?  Reverse cylinder head with forward facing straight intake

  • ?  Snaking exhaust for mass centralization

  • ?  New model-specific fuel injection settings

  • ?  Tunable engine characteristics with Yamaha Power Tuner

  • ?  Wide ratio 6-speed transmission with enduro clutch

  • ?  New electric starter with switch free system

  • ?  1100cc oil capacity – 200cc more than YZ250F MX model

  • ?  WR450F AC magneto and MF battery

  • ?  Easy-access top-mounted air filter with quick-release fasteners

  • ?  Revised decompressor design

  • ?  New crankcase cover


  • ?  Compact aluminium chassis with short subframe

  • ?  Bi-lateral aluminium beam frame

  • ?  Centrally-positioned 7.5 litre fuel tank

  • ?  New enduro suspension settings

  • ?  YZ-F type front forks with separate air-oil system

  • ?  10mm extra rear suspension travel compared to YZ250F

  • ?  18-inch rear wheel

  • ?  Metzeler 6 Days Extreme FIM tyres

  • ?  Lightweight side stand

  • ?  Sealed chain

  • ?  Equipped with WR450F style front and rear lights

  • ?  Radiator equipped with new electric fan

  • ?  Engine guard

  • ?  Speedometer, fuel and engine lamps

  • ?  New muffler