Pricing revealed for 2023 Suzuki Bergman Street 125EX

Suzuki has released a new Burgman Street 125EX to go along with its previously announced 125cc scooters, the Avenis and Address.

2023 Suzuki Burgman Street 125EX.

Suzuki have announced a third scooter in its new 125 range that was previously announced earlier this year.

Suzuki announced the Address and Avenis 125cc scooters back in July, and offered strong fuel consumption for small intracity journeys. 

They have now been joined by the Burgman Street 125EX, the smaller sibling of what could be described as the flagship scooter of Suzuki, the Burgman 400

The Burgman Street 125EX was unveiled alongside the Address and Avenis 125s in public for the first time at this year’s Intermot motorcycle show on 4 October and, like the other two, the Burgman features the Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) engine. 

However, while the base architecture of the engine is the same for the Burgman as the Address and Avenis, there is a difference. The Burgman makes use of the latest edition of the SEP motor, the ‘alpha’ version.

This means the Burgman has about 0.1 horsepower fewer than the Address and the Avenis, with 8.48 horsepower compared to 8.58 horsepower of the latter two. That maximum output is achieved at 6,500rpm, too, compared to the 5,500rpm of the standard SEP engine. The peak torque remains the same, though.

The SEP-alpha, though, “benefits from extra features which enhance the user experience while at the same time achieving a high levels of fuel economy and quiet operation,” according to Suzuki. These benefits include Engine Auto Stop-Start (EASS), a new idle system, and a new “Silent Start System”.

The Burgman Street 125EX also comes with two helmet hooks, 21.5 litres of underseat storage, as well as two closable front compartments. One of those is for additional storage, the other contains a USB port. Next to the front storage compartment is the ignition key slot. This can be covered using a magnet mechanism that is coded to the owner’s key.

Compared to the other two scooters, the Burgman Street 125EX has a longer wheelbase for additional stability, and the suspension is firmer at the front. 

Braking is done via a 130mm drum, and there is also a combined braking system (CBS) which helps to modulate the braking force at both wheels when using the left brake lever.

Like the Address and Avenis models, the Burgman Street 125EX will not be available until 2023. It will also be available later than the others, which will arrive in early 2023, whereas the Burgman will not be available until the spring. The 2023 Suzuki Bergman Street 125EX will be available from £2,999.

This article was originally published on 4 October 2022, and has been updated on 14 December 2022 with pricing information for the 2023 Suzuki Bergman Street 125EX.

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