Unusual Peugeot SPx Electric Motorcycle Concept Revives Old Philosophy

The Peugeot SPx is a new electric motorcycle concept from the French manufacturer, seeking to revive the ethos of the old 103

Peugeot SPx

When you think of motorcycling history, you might not think of Peugeot (and, fair enough), but that doesn’t mean that Peugeot has no motorcycling history. After all, it won (with a rebadged Mahindra) a Moto3 Grand Prix in 2017, but it is a bit further back that the French manufacturer is looking to for the inspiration behind its newest concept.

The Peugeot 103 was a small-capacity moped of the 1970s, available in both 50cc and 70cc forms. In that way, we kind of get where Peugeot is going with its 103-based marketing for the new SPx concept, but that’s not to say that the French manufacturer has dipped into the current obsession with ‘neo-retro’ or ‘modern-classic’ aesthetics. This is affirmatively a [insert as many ‘post-’ as makes you satisfied] modern-looking motorcycle, and the hulking battery on top of the aluminium frame confirms its modernity, and more importantly its electric powertrain.

While aluminium frames and electric power are not means with which to make your motorcycle stand out in 2024, using double-wishbone front suspension still is. With its uncommon front suspension solution, the SPx is somewhat in the same line as the Motowatt W1X, which uses a front swingarm and hub centre steering.

Peugeot says “The electric SPx project is a perfect blend of modernity and sustainability,” because it uses recycled materials, and that the bike expresses “the desire to reconcile (immense) driving pleasure, freedom of individual transport, affordability and responsibility towards the planet.”

However, what Peugeot doesn’t say is anything related to the bike’s performance. There are no figures for power or torque outputs, or battery life. There are photos with the battery removed, making it look like a step-through, but the only other technical details are the aforementioned front suspension, frame material, and that the bike will roll on two 16-inch wheels wrapped in Michelin tyres.

For now, the SPx is just a concept, and Peugeot has given no timeline to indicate if and when it might reach production.

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