New urban-focused Yadea M6L electric commuter scooter

Yadea has launched a new electric scooter, the M6L, designed for city commutes with its 1.5kW of peak power and 70km range.

Yadea M6L

Yadea, who are now a staple hold name in the electric vehicle market, have revealed their newest electric scooter, the M6L.

Yadea aim to deliver a newly defined riding experience with the M6L, it aims to combine both high quality, high performance and high safety. One of the ways that Yadea aim to deliver high performance is with their new powerful motor.

To power the all new M6L Yadea have packed it with a 60V and 20Ah lithium-ion battery, which has a maximum capacity of 1,200Wh and a weight of 10kg. The battery can be removed and recharged or the scooter can be charged with the battery still in the scooter. The battery can be recharged by the use of a standard household socket.

The engine can deliver a maximum power of 1,500W, which is equal to two horsepower. The maximum power allows the M6L to reach a maximum speed of 45km/h. There are also two different riding modes for the M6L, one mode favours a more economic riding style, whereas the second mode offers full power instead. The M6L has a supposed energy consumption of 35Wh/km and also has a maximum range of 70km, however the range can shorten if riding in the second riding mode for full power.

Braking for the M6L uses a 180mm front brake disc and then a rear drum at the back. With the suspension there is a 30mm diameter telescopic fork and 70mm travel at the front, but at the rear there is a double shock absorber with 60mm of travel.

The body is constructed with cold-rolled structural steel and features a CAE-optimized frame. In addition, every vehicle undergoes one million vibration tests and electronic stability control identification to ensure durability.

The M6l is available in 4 bold colours with the coat of Swedish Berker Paint, being hard-wearing, highly resistant to damage, and guaranteed to look brand- new even after three years of use.

The price and the availability for the Yadea M6L is yet to be officially announced by Yadea themselves, however Motociclismo have estimated what the price is likely to be for the M6L, they have estimated at 2,240 euros (£1973.17).

Find out more on the Yadea website.

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