New Seat Mo 50 electric scooter expected for 2023 launch

Seat has introduced a new electric scooter to its Mo range, with a new 50cc-equivalent expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023.

Seat Mo 50. - Seat

A third electric scooter has been added by Seat to its Mo range, with a new 50cc-equivalent joining its 125 pairing. 

The new Seat Mo 50 offers a lower entry point to the Mo range, which previously contained the Mo 125 and Mo 125 Performance

As with its 125cc-equivalent siblings, the Mo 50 is all-electric, although of course its performance is reduced as suggested by its name. 

Nonetheless, 4kW of nominal power and 7.3kW of peak power are still on tap for the Mo 50 thanks to its brushless motor, as well as 100Nm at the wheel. This allows for a top speed of 45kph, or 27mph, and thanks to a 5.6kWh lithium-ion battery it is good for as far as 172km, or 106.8 miles, in the scooter’s ‘Eco’ mode.

Further, that battery is removable, allowing for easier charging, and also the possibility to have one battery charging while another is being used. Seat says 6-8 hours is required for a full charge from a domestic supply.

As well as the aforementioned Eco mode, there are also ‘City’ and ‘Sport’ riding modes available, and the Mo 50 also has a reverse gear. Using the Sport mode, the Mo 50 can reach its 45kph top speed in 3.8 seconds.

Moving to the chassis, we find conventional front forks and a single rear shock; and disc brakes front and rear with a combined braking system and regenerative braking.

The Seat Mo 50 also comes with two USB ports, connectivity capabilities via a smartphone app, and there is storage for two helmets. 

Seat anticipates that production for the Mo 50 will begin next month, while the launch of the new electric scooter is anticipated for the first quarter of 2023, when it will be available in “Barcelona Grey” and “Tarifa Blue”. Pricing information is not yet available.

“The Seat Mo 50 brings electric urban #mobility to a new generation of riders that enjoys the freedom of moving around the city with no emission and no noise,” said Lucas Casasnovas, Seat MÓ Director. “The Seat Mo 50 delivers the same levels of excitement as its more powerful Seat Mo 125 sibling, in a more fitting package for a younger audience, with no compromises on quality, ability or connectivity.”

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