New colours for 2012 Yamaha R1...

...but no technical updates

YAMAHA'S 2012 R1 has emerged from the firm's Brazilian website revealing new colour options but no technical changes to the bike.

The official page shows a selection of updated colours for the Brazilian market, which may or may not be offered elsewhere.  The blue version is very similar to the current European offering, but with a black bellypan rather than white and black wheels instead of gold. The red machine, with some dubious flame-and-skull graphics, is already offered in America, and the all-black model is the most stealthy R1 yet seen; black body, black wheels, black forks. Only the tuning fork logo and embossed “R1” logo provide a dash of colour. To quote Spinal Tap: “How much more black could it be? The answer is none. None more black...”

On the technical front, the bike remains unchanged. While the cross-plane crankshaft and 'long-bang' firing order still give it a unique selling point, the lack of high-tech electronics in an era when its rivals are increasingly featuring traction control, adjustable ABS and endless other widgets mean its days are surely numbered.