New BMW F800R debuts at Eicma

Beginning of the end for the lopsided look?

BMW'S revised-for-2015 F800R might not have the most radical of changes but the decision to drop the bike’s lopsided headlight arrangement marks a big change in the firm’s styling direction.

Yes, the Anne Robinson wink has gone, and just as on Anne herself there’s been a hefty dose of cosmetic surgery as the F800R reinvents itself. As well as the new light, there are reworked side panels and radiator covers, although the rear end is largely unaltered.

And it’s not just cosmetics, as the F800R gets some worthwhile tech upgrade too. Power is up from 87hp to 90hp, although new, shorter 1st and 2nd gear ratios should make the bike feel quicker than that small hike would suggest. The suspension is updated to include a pair of upside down forks, while the seat is lowered by 10mm to 790mm and there are new bars and footpegs to improve ergonomics. The wheels are also new, while the brakes are upgraded to include radial mount calipers at the front.

As you’d expect, ABS is standard, while options include stability control and electronic suspension adjustment plus a tyre pressure sensor system as well as the usual stuff like heated grips, an onboard computer, luggage and a centre stand. The bike can also be ordered in 47bhp form for A2 licence holders.