New Beta Alp 4.0 and X rejuvenate an off-road icon

’Beta Alp’ is a name that has been around the dual sport scene almost since its beginning, and it finally has an update with the new 4.0 and X versions

2024 Beta Alp X

The Beta Alp 4.0 and Beta Alp X both breathe new life into the historic dual sport model in 2024, offering more performance both in engine and chassis.

Both the Beta Alp X and Beta Alp 4.0 are all-new for 2024, and share almost identical technical bases. Starting with a 350cc engine built in partnership between Beta and Tayo Motorcycles, both new Alps put out 35bhp, which is sent to the rear wheel via a six-speed gearbox. Geared for 80mph, the new Alp models are fitted with two fuel tanks: an 11-litre main tank, and a 2.3-litre reserve. There are slight differences in performance characteristics between the the engine in the Alp X and that in the Alp 4.0, thanks to different engine mappings.

Moving to the chassis, and we find that Beta has used a steel perimeter frame on both motorcycles, which “guarantees simultaneous strength and manageability for the bike,” Beta says. That perimeter frame is combined with a 43mm front fork offering 185mm of wheel travel, and a preload-adjustable rear shock offering 195mm of wheel travel. On the Alp 4.0, the suspension provides an 865mm seat height, whereas the Alp X’s is set 10mm lower at 855mm.

A single front brake disc is used on both bikes at 290mm in diameter, with a 220mm disc at the rear, while Nissin provides the cylinder and callipers, and ABS comes from Bosch. Using the ‘Offroad’ mode, the ABS can be disengaged, but it is always re-engaged whenever the bike is restarted. Checking the status of the ABS is possible via the LCD dashboard.

The major difference between them, technically speaking, is the wheel size - where the Alp X uses a 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheel, the Alp 4.0 utilises a more off-road-ready setup of 21-inch front and 18-inch rear. To suit the different aims of the different setups, the tyres are chosen accordingly, with knobbies for the 4.0 and road-treaded hoops for the X.

From there, the differences are mainly stylistic. The Alp 4.0 has a kind of semi-modern dual sport look, with silver rims and an angular design of the headlight shroud; whereas the Alp X is distinctly neo-retro in its appearance, thanks to the round headlamp, dark grey paintwork, and black rims.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but the Alp X and Alp 4.0 will be available from December 2023, each in two colour options: White, and Red for the Alp 4.0; and Grey, and Dark Grey for the Alp X.