Stylish Fantic Stealth 125 marks new territory for the Italian brand

The Fantic Stealth 125 marks the first true 125cc naked machine from the Italian manufacturer, as it targets a younger audience

2024 Fantic Stealth 125

Fantic enters the 125cc naked class in 2024, with the new Fantic Stealth 125 hitting dealer from next year.

The Stealth 125 is a new model from Fantic in 2024, but the Italian brand is also keen to point out that it is also the first model in a new “series of models dedicated to the road.”

The bike will use a 125cc four-stroke engine from Motori Minarelli that itself makes use of electronic fuel injection, a variable valve actuation system, and a slipper clutch.

The Stealth 125 also marks a number of novelties for Fantic in road bikes, including the use of an aluminium swingarm as part of an ‘alu-steel’ hybrid frame which features aluminium plates on a steel trellis.

Efforts have also been taken to centralise mass on the Stealth 125. For example, the part of the exhaust system that houses the catalytic converter is positioned at the bottom of the bike, while the lighter part of the exhaust - mainly the silencer - is placed higher. Further, “the fuel tank is positioned as close as possible to the centre of gravity,” Fantic says, which also has the benefit of leaving additional space at the front of the bike for an optimised airbox.

While the Stealth 125 has been designed to be light, it also has several ‘quality of life’ features, such as a five-inch TFT display and full LED lighting. Additionally, traction control and cornering ABS are both available optionally.

2024 Fantic Caballero 125 & 500

The Stealth 125 is not the only new 125cc bike from Fantic in 2024, as the Caballero 125 is also updated this year, as well as the Caballero 500.
To match them up with the new Fantic Caballero 700, the 125 and 500 Caballeros gain new headlights, indicators, integrated number plates, and new rear mudguards. An increased flywheel mass also increases engine performance, and the power delivery is made more linear by new mappings. 

A shell-cast aluminium swingarm debuts on the chassis side, which Fantic says improves performance both on- and off-road, while also dropping 2kg.

The ‘Historic Blue’ colour, as seen already on the Caballero 700, is another addition for the 125 and 500 Caballeros in 2024.
The 2024 Fantic Caballero 125 and 500 are both expected to be available from spring 2024.

Fantic Garage app

The final new addition to the smaller two Caballeros in 2024 is the ability to access the new Fantic Garage app, which offers all the kind of functionality you might expect, including monitoring fuel levels and the distance until the bike’s next scheduled service, for example. It will be available on all of the bikes in the Caballero range, as well as the 125 motard enduro and the Issimo City L1 L3 pedelec.