The Nawa Racer claims to be the first ultracapacitor electric bike

The use of clever battery tech means Nawa is claiming 300km, 100mph and 1-hour recharging at home

Nawa Racer

WITH the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in full swing now, there are new bikes and pieces of tech breaking cover almost daily!

Today the spotlight is on the Nawa Racer, an electrically powered machine that is said to take its design queues from the café racers of the 50s and 60s. Retro exterior aside, Nawa claim this is the firs machine of its kind to make use of ultracapacitor technology, something they claim gives the Racer ten times more power and five times more energy than existing tech, all while still using conventional lithium-ion cells.

The interesting numbers don’t stop there either, the Nawa Racer will be light, really light for an electric motorcycle as it tips the scales at around 150kg, a good 50kg less than a comparable electric motorcycle. The bike is also claimed to have a decent mileage of around 1800miles thanks to a clever hub-mounted energy recovery system. It’s claimed this system alone is capable of recovering 80% of the energy that is normally wasted in the act of slowing the bike down. Impressive stuff.

Another key design feature of the bike is the funky looking hub-less rim-mounted motor. It may make the rear end of the bike look minimalist, but that motor is claimed to put out 100hp, something the makers hope will help it achieve a 100mph top speed.

While the machine is as yet a concept and no production or launch date has been announced, we’re taking the news of this bike with a big pinch of salt. The press information we have ono Nawa suggests they are a big tech company with a lot of fingers in many pies. Our bet is that this is a platform to show off their wares to the world, hopeful that an existing motorcycle manufacturer will swoop in and buy up the kit for their own machines.