This is the most expensive Honda Monkey 125 in the world...

This 3D printed Honda Monkey 125 comes in at a cool $30,000 making it rather a lot of money for not a lot of motorcycle...

Honda Monkey 125 custom

THERE’S no denying that the standard Honda Monkey 125 is a cool looking bike. It’s a brightly coloured little scamp of a thing that if it were human would be constantly dragging you out to play when you really should be doing more gown up things.

But VIBA and German 3D printing specialists SLM Solutions thought they could increase the fun, by removing all of it with their super expensive and super boring Jane limited edition.

Fair enough, the world of 3D printing is a pretty exciting place, with boffins across the world able to print everything from animal and human prosthetics to entire racing bikes from plastics, metals and advanced polymers. I just think for the Honda Monkey 125 recreation you see here, they could have made it a little more, I don’t, exciting?

Speaking to 3D Printing Industry, Yann Bakonyi, the founder of VIBA said, “At tradeshows we see a lot of [3D] parts, but they are usually just for showcase and are not functional. This project was to show that 3D printing can be integrated in an industrial process to work perfectly.”

On why VIBA chose the Honda as the base for the project, Bakonyi said, “Everybody knows the Monkey. We decided to reinvent the Honda Monkey because, every time we are building a project at VIBA, we care about telling a story. We wanted to revive childhood memories of riders.”

And the price for all those re-imagined childhood memories… $30,000. Or in real terms, a brand new Honda CBR1000RR-R SP and a lot of trackdays!