More 2012 Kawasaki colours

Colour updates revealed for the Kawasaki model range

More 2012 Kawasaki colours

COLOUR schemes for many of Kawasaki's otherwise unchanged 2012 bikes have been appearing somewhat randomly over the last few days with little in the way of official fanfare.

While we can't be certain exactly which colours will appear in which countries, here are the ones we've managed to scrape together so far.

The 1400GTR is set to appear in black or burgundy, the Ninja 250R in black or red, the S1000SX in a new black/grey scheme and the current green/black, the Z1000 is coming in orange or black, the ZX-10R in green/black or black/grey, with the ZX-6R following its lead.

Let's hope that those bikes that haven't yet appeared in their 2012 colour schemes, the like ZZR1400, are set to get more significant changes.

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