Limited edition 8 Ball Sprint GTs

Grand tourer gets grand makeover

Fancy riding something a little more colourful during summer’s touring season? Triumph have teamed up with custom paint shop 8 Ball to produce limited editions of their Sprint GT. 

The limited edition tourers, which use a 1050cc triple engine, are available in two colour combinations of blue/silver/red and black/gold.

Triumph UK sales manager Bruno Tagliaferri says that their special edition models are "always very popular and these two distinctive paint schemes give the GT a really classy look." 

25 bikes have been produced in each colour option, with both versions priced at £8,649 OTR. Both colour variants feature a unique number on the right hand side of the fuel tank.

As the average age of UK bikers gets older and more riders move away from sportsbikes to more 'comfortable' machines, are we likely to see further tourers with bold paintschemes rather than single colours?