Krämer Motorcycles Super Hooligan Concept Revealed

The concept came about thanks to Slovenian stunt rider Rok Bagoros and a dream to turn Krämer’s GP2 racer into a Super Hooligan contender


Prepare to experience intense feelings of wanting, as Krämer Motorcycles has recently announced a new concept, and it’s really rather nice!

It’s based on the firm’s wild GP2-890R race bike, a machine that utilises KTM’s 890cc parallel twin-cylinder engine and hangs it in a bespoke, tubular frame. Where the GP2 is clothed in svelte carbon fibre bodywork, the new concept is completely naked and topped off with traditional flat handlebars.

The bike is being referred to as the Super Hooligan Concept, as it would be a perfect fit in the racing class of the same name that wows crowds across the pond in the MotoAmerica championship. The bike's specification should certainly make it wild enough for the aptly named class, with Krämer claiming just 140kg weight (we assume that’s dry), 128bhp and 75 lb-ft of torque. 

The chassis of the bike is equally as high-spec, with WP providing the suspension at both ends, Brembo supplying the stoppers, and legendary wheel maker Dymag hooking the team up with some lightweight forged aluminium wheels. Like the GP2 it’s based on, the Super Hooligan Concept features a trick, self-supporting subframe and seat unit complete with a foam-filled fuel tank within.

The bike came about thanks to Krämer joining forces with stunt rider Rok Bagoros, a person who already has quite close links to KTM. It’s his firm, Bagoros Performance, that is partly responsible for the bike’s creation. The interesting thing here is that Bargoros Performance distributes and sells performance and cosmetic accessories for a range of bikes, meaning this could become a kind of DIY to turn your GP2-890R into a wheelie-hungry trackday weapon.

Here’s hoping! 

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