Kove revives mid-capacity four-cylinders with new 400 RR

A new sports bike from Kove has been revealed, with an inline-four-cylinder 400cc 'screamer' engine producing almost 70 horsepower.

Kove 400 RR at EICMA. - Kove

The Chinese manufacturer Kove has unveiled its new 400 RR, a four-cylinder 400cc bike to be marketed in China. 

A 400cc screaming four-cylinder sounds like something that almost every motorcycle fan in Europe would be interested in to some degree.

Unfortunately, Kove’s 400 RR will probably not come to Europe for reasons relating to cost and competition, but that is not a problem for the brand’s native audience, as China’s motorcycle culture will be able to benefit from the manufacturer’s apparent appreciation for the artistic and cultural value of things which harm the environment, but also look and sound good. 

Strictly speaking, it is impossible to say currently whether the Kove 400 RR will sound good, since we haven’t actually heard it. As for the looks, well that’s a totally subjective matter anyway but they have clearly gone for the aggressive aesthetic. 

Technically speaking, the bike’s four-cylinder engine features liquid cooling and a DOHC configuration, EFI from Bosch, and a big “N/A” next to ‘fuel consumption’ on its stats sheet. It produces 50kW (67 horsepower) at 13,500 rpm, and 36Nm at 12,000 rpm. 

That is enough for a 0-62mph time of 4.2 seconds, and a top speed of 220kph, or 136mph.

Although we do not know the fuel consumption, we do know the fuel tank will hold 15 litres, that the kerb weight is 152kg, and that the seat height is 795mm (for the pillion it is 960mm).

At the chassis, the ground clearance is 150mm, while the front wheel travel (120mm) is 10mm less than the rear wheel travel (130mm). As for the suspension itself, the front uses USD forks, and the rear a single shock absorber. 

Additionally, the 400 RR features dual 300mm front discs with dual-piston callipers, and a single 220mm rear disc with a single-piston calliper. Both are connected to 17-inch wheels.

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