Kawasaki's new super-charged concept

New concept and engine confirms commitment to forced induction

KAWASAKI has shared this concept image at the Tokyo Motor Show and confirmed that the Ninja H2 and H2R will remain in limited production for 2016.

The bike above is a computer-generated sketch of the model we showed you yesterday. As we reported, it’s called the Concept SC 01 or ‘Spirit Charger’.

Kawasaki says it's not designed for such hard-edged performance as the H2, and features ‘softer, more luxurious materials’, suggesting a bike that’s more suitable for every day performance and comfort.

If it makes it to production, the Spirit Charger will use a four-cylinder balanced supercharged engine. Kawasaki says it will retain the performance of a forced induction engine but provide increased fuel economy thanks to ‘electronically controlled flaps at the supercharger entrance allowing the volume of intake air and airflow direction to be adjusted for increased efficiency.’

President of Kawasaki’s Motorcycle and Engineering Company, Kenji Tomida also announced the ‘Rideology’ strategy. He said:

Firstly the need for machines to possess power and grace, secondly Kawasaki motorcycles should continue to be fun and rewarding to ride and, thirdly, the ongoing reliance on the skills within the entire Kawasaki Group harnessing cutting edge technology to enrich the lives of people worldwide.

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