Kawasaki still teasing the ZZR1400

We get the idea now...

KAWASAKI have released yet another teaser video building up the anticipation to 'witness the the phenomenon' for the upcoming unveiling of the 2012 ZZR1400.

Images of the bike were supposedly leaked onto the web in the flurry of 'breaking news' yesterday, however they turned out to be false glimpses of the new ZZR1400.

The ZX-10R based photoshop pictures are far from what our Japan sources have revealed about the new bike which is expected to retain much of the bikes current trademark looks - the four-headlights, the side strakes and the twin exhausts. Therefore, what has been predicted is tweaks to the the existing ZZR but with high-tech electronics to bring the hyper-tourer into the modern era - with traction control and ABS amongst gadgets.

if Kawasaki keeps putting out teasers at this rate, by the time the bike is launched on 10 October we’ll be able to put together a feature-length compilation...
Let’s just hope it’s good enough to live up to the hype.