Kawasaki announce race only carbon fibre ZX-25R

The Kawasaki ZX-25R gets the full-factory race bike treatment with full carbon fairings, carbon frame and swingarm protectors, and Showa suspension

Kawasaki ZX25-R Race edition

KAWASAKI might just have announced one of the coolest bikes of 2020 so far – and it’s ‘only’ 250cc. The ZX-25R may be a diminutive 250cc, four-cylinder engine, but in this new, race only guise, it’s undoubtedly one of the coolest looking bikes of 2020 so far.

Built to compete in a Japanese one-make series, the bike’s had a host of performance parts chucked at it, the most obvious being the full carbon bodywork. At first, it looks like Kawasaki has splurged a few bazillion Yen on a carbon frame and swingarm set up, although on closer inspection they are sexy looking carbon covers – the chain adjusters give it away.

Regardless you’ve got to admit, the carbon combo of frame and fairings is pretty attractive, it’s almost a shame that teams will be hurriedly covering it up with team logos and sponsors in the near future.

The custom bodywork for the bike is all supplied and built by A-Tech, and includes the tank, airbox, subframe, seat unit, fairings and frame, and swingarm covers. We just pray to the spirit of Burt Munro that they make a kit that folk can buy for the same effect! Away from the carbon loveliness, the bike is running Dunlop race rubber and Beet Japan free-flowing exhaust system.

With no concrete engine stats to hand, it’s hard to tell how much the ZX-25R has been pepped up beneath the engine casings. It’s more likely that the bikes will be left in fairly standard trim internally, with bolt-on mods – exhaust and fuelling – being allowed. Doing this will help improve reliability and let the riders focus on, what is likely to be, one of the most sublime bikes to ride.

Kawasaki, if you’re reading this – please send one our way!

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