Janus Motorcycles capture 1920s style

New American motorcycle company produces classic-looking two-strokes

LOOKING like it came out of the 1920s this motorcycle is actually a brand new model from new start-up Janus Motorcycles.

The company, based in Goshen, Indiana, was formed by Devin Biek and Richard Worsham who wanted to take styling cues from yesterday's bikes and use them in a brand new model. The result? The Halcyon 50.

The two-stroke water-cooled engine is from Derbi, while the EBR suspension is Italian. It features a 17mm Dellorto carburetor, kick and electric starting system, tuned expansion chamber complete with stinger exhaust and 36-spoke wheels. The frame is hand made by local Amish metal fabricators, that alone is a good talking point.

Top speed is 55mph; this bike was made for cruising. The company claim an impressive 70mpg, giving it roughly a 200-mile range.

The basic model costs $3,900 (£2,435) while the standard model costs $5,300 (£3,300).