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ZPsport 449 costs more than a Panigale

Looks cool, but... How much?!

A YEAR or so ago we reported on a new brand of bike rising from the ashes of MZ

Called ZP Moto, it was planning a retro-styled single-cylinder enduro that looked pretty cool.

And here it is, the ZPsport 449. It still looks great, and with around 50bhp from its Gas-Gas-derived, water-cooled 449cc single (which meets all the relevant Euro emissions laws) it probably goes well too, particularly considering it only weighs 118kg dry.

The firm has modest plans to make just 50 bikes per year, and that gives the first clue that price-wise this may be not quite what you'd expect.

So, what would you pay for a retro-enduro like this? Go on, guess... What did you say? £6k? Even £10k?

Not even close. Nope, this will cost you 18,850 Euros. Plus VAT. Plus shipping. Plus accessories, if you want any.

Basically, once landed in the UK, you won't have much change from £20,000 (VAT alone will take the list price to £18,260 at the current exchange rate).

Despite that, the firm says its 2012 production run, which started in October, is sold out. If you're a banker with just too much bonus to know what to do with, get your order in now for a 2013 machine at

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