Intermot 2014: Kawasaki J-Concept makes European debut

Prototype of leaning three-wheeler unveiled

KAWASAKI has unveiled a prototype of the J-Concept vehicle at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany.

The concept was first seen last year at the Tokyo Motor Show where a computer-generated video showed the bike in action.

The futuristic three-wheeled concept is designed to be able to adapt to the type of riding the rider wants to do. From city mobility to sportier riding, the riding position and width of the front wheel track can be adjusted to suit the conditions. 

It is powered by Kawasaki's GIGACELL batery, a high-capacity nickel-metal hydride battery, that can store large quantities of electricity.

Kawasaki claim the concept vehicle is 'an imaginative and far-sighted look at the future of urban and suburban personal transport.'